Banjo and Ukulele Lessons

One to one tuition 

Some of the nice things students have said about me over the years
(Beginner Banjo)
Wanted to learn banjo for a long time and finally bought one for my 40th. My 7 year old son wanted to learn too. Took 5 years of us trying to learn by ourselves to realise it wasn't going to happen.
Found Mark by accident last year (2014), saw he was local (which is great as am disabled), so booked up for me and my son.
He is flexible with days and times (to suit round school/work stuff) and happy to change lesson times if needed.  
We both really enjoyed our first lesson and the spacious and comfortable studio being set back from the house made us feel less self conscious about annoying or disturbing the neighbours.
Mark is very patient with us and takes his time. He's adapted tunes so I can play (have tiny hands) and having tablature to take home really helps. He also sends MP3 backing tracks set at different speeds which is a great help when practising at home.
We are now enjoying regular lessons and really pleased we found a friendly, professional teacher who encourages you through all levels, whatever your age or ability.
One word of warning though, don't ask him to sing, last time he did the neighbourhood dogs joined in!
(Beginner Ukulele)
Mark is a natural teacher, he makes me feel at ease in my lessons.
He is always punctual, flexible and happy to move lessons around to suit my lifestyle.
He is friendly, professional, enthusiastic and passionate about music and teaching.
I feel as though I am definitely progressing and getting to a place where I would like to be through the techniques and material he has shared with me in our lessons.
He really goes above and beyond providing an excellent service. I find the the mp3's and the tablature that he provides extremely helpful.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone I meet that is interested in learning to play the Ukulele or if they would like to further their playing skills.

(Advanced Banjo)

I have been having lessons with Mark for over two years, and found it a very enjoyable experience. Since starting lessons, I have the confidence to play a lot more banjo in my band.

Mark always comes prepared with material for the lessons, and follows up with mp3s to help me practice between lessons. But if I have my own ideas on a piece or style I want to practice then he’s flexible enough to work on that with me.

Mark usually comes to me, which is very convenient, but I have also visited his studio to do some recording, which is a great place to play in.

Mark is enthusiastic and professional, and most of all fun

(Beginner Banjo)
As lady in my 50's with a hankering to learn the banjo, I was so happy to find Mark after looking for sometime to find a banjo teacher. On my first lesson I was introduced to the different styles of playing and types of banjos. It was so helpful as I hadn't realised there was so much choice, but we landed on a style that I felt suited me, and from that info Mark was able to advise me what instrument to buy.
I couldn't wait to get started and I haven't been disappointed. Mark has a professional attitude towards learning the instrument properly, but is happy to intersperse that with tunes that I like and want to play. He has adapted a few tunes for the banjo for me and we have fun and for me that was one requirement I needed to be able to make this work.
After the lesson, Mark sends MP3 recordings, this is so helpful as acts as a great reminder of the lesson. He also sends backing tracks in different speeds. It's all different tools that help with practise time.
I see Mark fortnightly rather than weekly as it's over an hours drive for me, also with a busy family life and working I was worried about just how much practise I could do in a week, but Mark is real and understands these things, but I am loving my banjo so much and the progress I am making, and practising certainly isn't a chore !
Mark offers good deals when buying lessons in batches. He also offers flexibility with his diary and my lessons always start on time, so I'm happy !!
(Intermediate Banjo)
I have to say I found mark to be very helpful. He makes you feel very comfortable with an easy manner and relaxed style and he has a fine set up in his own studio. With the tab notes he prints off and the mp3 tunes he sends by email to practice along to at home, it really is a tutorial for any level of player
(Beginner Banjo)
I found Mark via a search on google for a local banjo teacher, I had a banjo as a birthday present from my wife & kids as I really loved the banjo sound & bluegrass music. Tried to teach myself but got nowhere really, there is a lot of tutorials on line but it does not come anywhere near sitting down with a teacher that can look at what you are doing & suggest alternative ways to achieve what you want if you are having problems.
Mark makes learning fun, he is a really helpful genuine nice guy. You have a laugh while you are learning & that helps you to relax.  The printed tabs & emailed MP3's are so helpful to keep up the practice between lessons, as I tended to confuse the rhythms between tunes, this is a great system to learn by, especially if you cannot read music...another of my failings!
He is very flexible with timing the lessons & never rushed to finish if you are having problems with a particular rift.  The studio Mark has for the lessons is a perfectly comfortable environment, he has everything to hand to help you, and does it in a very professional, patient manner. His enthusiasm is a wonderful encouragement to people like me who can only dream of playing a banjo like him, but i will keep practising  & kicking myself for not starting years ago when the fingers were a bit more flexible!
(Advanced Banjo)
I have been taking banjo lessons from Mark and found him to be an exceedingly good teacher. I was not new to music when I began lessons, having played guitar and piano for many years, and Mark was able to pitch my lessons at just the right level for someone who was new to the instrument but not a beginner. Mark provided a wealth of teaching materials both printed and in mp3 format which have proved to be a great resource. I would often have lessons at home and Mark was always punctual, but I have also visited his studio which is a lovely place for practice.

I have learnt a lot from mark and was even able to record a banjo piece for the soundtrack of a film I was working on.

Mark is a very friendly and enthusiastic teacher and, of course, a great player. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get their bluegrass mojo on!
(Intermediate Banjo)
I've taken banjo lessons from Mark for the last two years and it has been a fantastic experience. Lessons are varied and so helpful - I've learned everything from bluegrass and rock songs to rhythm and clawhammer styles. Mark provides all of the sheet music and even song recordings to help me better practice and understand the music. As a teacher, Mark is incredibly dedicated and gives his full time and attention in lessons. He gives lessons in my home so it is very convenient to my schedule and days are always flexible if I need to reschedule. An extra bonus for me was visiting Mark's home studio. It's given me the chance to record songs and hear the way I play, which is really helpful as an amateur musician. I'd highly recommend working with Mark as his professionalism, musical knowledge and enthusiasm make lessons fun and have really motivated me to keep playing and learning, which is what makes for the best teachers.
(Intermedaite Banjo)

Having not picked up a string instrument for some considerable time I have experienced a first-rate introduction to this new instrument.

Mark has provided me with great personal tuition over the last year or so offering extensive backup materials and advice on the instrument, showing me a range of opportunities to explore and develop.  I will certainly continue tuition with him.

There are probably not any tutors who can provide such a prodigious service for me locally whilst offering a friendly, flexible and structured program for learning the banjo.

(Beginner Banjo)
I have been a student of marks for about a year.
Mark is a patient and enthusiastic teacher and provides enjoyable lessons backed up with tablature and mp3 backing tracks and is available via email to sort out any problems.
A choice is normally given with new material to help cater to personal taste.
I enjoy marks lessons and would not hesitate to recommend him, time well spent.
(Advanced Banjo)
Mark is a fantastic teacher: skilled, knowledgable and patient he had me playing a banjo reel faster than I thought possible! His materials are top notch and they make things much easier to get your head around. On top of that, he's a down to earth, lovely bloke and I would recommend him to anyone - beginner or advanced.